Apparently someone from the IIT team itself

Received clandestinely by us last week was this cryptic message concerning the Wyoming IRA’s (WIRA’s) involvement in last weeks St. John’s bombing:

As the message reads:

WIRA is in fact innocent on this. They have been bought out by the Campus  
Assassins – WIRA and CA are now one.
One of our members went rogue and set the charges; he’s been…’put to  
That is all.

– ‘Wioninja’

Campus Assassin Head-lead 

Apparently WIRA has been replaced by a new organization with a rogue member, the Campus Assassins, if this report supposedly from the Assassins, is to be believed. 

Campus Assassins – from a leaked I-phone photographer
remaining anonymous for the safety of his telephonum mobilis

This supposedly now eliminated rogue agent is responsible according to the report for last week’s bombing of St. John’s dormitory. Read here and here for more commentary on the incident.

But who are these new “Campus Assassins”, do they hold the same principles and motives as did the Wyoming IRA?

Several WCC students were present when we examined the message, dropped off clandestinely at our Lander North American headquarters. No one was willing to comment, which could mean nothing, but also suggests the possibility that this new organization has deeply penetrated the WCC student body. In the interest of security and caution we took time before releasing this message, due to the possibility of more attacks and equivocation within the message itself.

If anyone has any comments or ideas for what this message means, if there is anything more to be meaned: contact