Lander, WY – A safe that has sat in the middle of Wyoming Catholic College’s Baldwin classroom building for over a decade and for who knows how long before that, is coming under new scrutiny as school officials revealed to an IIT reporter,  that they really don’t know what’s inside it. Yes I mean it. They don’t know what’s in the big bulky object blocking the hallway in the middle of the library. Which makes me all the more curious as to what’s actually in it. Why is it still here after who knows how many years? And what’s in it?

It’s big enough to hold several people inside. It’s big enough to hold hundreds of books. Hey, i’s big enough to hold a chest of gold. It’s also heavy enough to hold a chest of gold. That’s funny, since the person who built the Baldwin Building back in the 19th century went on an expedition to recover treasure from a sunken ship. 

Imagine if he did actually find it. He claims he didn’t. But where else would he, otherwise a quite ordinary man, get the money to build the majestic Baldwin Building. Where else than if he actually did recover some absolutely massive treasure or something. Jim Baldwin, the man I’m talking about, Baldwin himself, has also been rumored to have panned for gold during the California gold rush. What if he got some moolah out of all that as well?

It’s at least a possibility. But put it together with the fact that the Baldwin Building, according to the Superflex Superteam, is quite obviously haunted, by a shadowy form in the dress of 19th century pioneer/goldseeker, and you have to wonder. What if Baldwin himself is the ghost and he left his fortune waiting to be recovered in the Baldwin safe. That would explain why what’s most likely his ghost is floating around in his building around it. Again, no one knows for sure what’s inside. But that’s because they’ve never checked. WCC administrative officials just haven’t considered the possibility, just haven’t thought about the safe at all, have just ignored it as best as they can, working everything around it. No one knows either how long the safe has been here, and no one has tried to move it in recorded history so no one knows.

But I suspect that if somehow, somehow, someone figured out how to crack open the safe, they’d find a fortune’s worth of gold bullion inside. Maybe even a tray of diamonds, a chest of jewels. Maybe even enough to actually buy the hotel.

By no means do I want to start a stampede of freshmen (or even seniors) on a gold rush to the Baldwin library. By no means do I want a freshman to get some ideas about setting of dynamite to break it open. Nor do I want any juniors to borrow Flex’s tools and try to break the door open. But wouldn’t it be cool if we could finally find out for sure?