In our latest installment of IIT’s Independent Fact Check from Independent SourcesTM, we take on a very independent matter, an important question necessary for the good of the community… AS A WHOLE! IS AIDAN WOOD IN DRESS CODE? And will he ever be?

You might have heard Aidan’s spokesman Ryland Mulligan claiming that Aidan “always follows all applicable laws and regulations.” But how true is this? For example, Aidan’s classmate Brandon Tillman claims that for some reason he can never remember Aidan actually being in dress code.

This might at first seem to be a rather intrusive question to answer. For is not what one chooses to wear the deepest expression of the innermost self as a senior last year concluded in her thesis? How could anything be fairly legislated concerning this most personal of matters in an academic community? Several juniors such as Cecan Putlan of Alabama, sharing these sorts of concerns, have made a point of fighting every fine they have received for violating Wyoming Catholic College’s dress code, either not paying them or making others pay them for her.

Well, what you wear does not merely remain with you. The phantasms of the clothing you wear enter the imagination of everyone around you through their senses. Now this constitutes intrusion on other people’s personal space, which obviously should be regulated for the sake of charity and public decorum.

Ok, we have now convinced you that a dress code is necessary.

So is Aidan Wood following it?

Let’s look at several examples?

Evidence 1:

No, Aidan is clearly in class but not in classroom dress. Even worse, look at the cultural appropriation on his sweatshirt, and the lack of personal space between him and Ryan.

Evidence 2:

Given the position of the shadows, it is clearly the middle of the day, during which time classroom dress code is still in effect. WE CAN SEE BOTH SHOULDERS!

Evidence 3:

ELP is still very much a class, thank you very much.

Evidence 4:

Hats are not allowed inside.

Evidence 5:

Finally, on our fifth try, we found Aidan almost in classroom dress. Unfortunately this is obviously not in a class, but at a formal event. Further, Aidan has a button tab-collar, which is technically business casual at best not formal.

To Summarize:

Is Aidan Wood in dress code?

Fact Check; FALSE