Lander, April 12, 2019: Last Sunday the following surprise meeting announcement was made, concerning the housing situation next year for Wyoming Catholic College students. As the school announcement states: WeRead more

Image reportedly from this “event” Lander, WY Reports are new emerging about a raucous party last Monday at the hotel dorms. Upwards of twenty students reportedly attended, with loud noises,Read more

Apparently someone from the IIT team itself Received clandestinely by us last week was this cryptic message concerning the Wyoming IRA’s (WIRA’s) involvement in last weeks St. John’s bombing: AsRead more

How often do we run off to Frassati after classes in an angered rush to get onto a Mass shuttle? If you aren’t one of the few school drivers –Read more

In a new regular section on Irkutsk Ice Truckers we’ll feature flashback articles of famous events from our world from the dark ages of before we existed. today’s goes backRead more

IIT reporters interview Mikolaj Zagorski after they both are involved in an ice-induced incident while studying at W.C.C. Comment below about who is to blame.

In his first exclusive interview since leading his fellow students from WCCLE 5 back from the brink of death, Mikolaj Zagorski now shares the real story, what really happened inRead more